Horsehead fiddle

The morin huur (or horsehead fiddle) is a musical instrument created by our Mongolian herders from the two tail hairs of our horses. Mongolians believe that this instrument, imitating the form, shape, and sound of the horse, animates the sounds of the universe.


Бидний олон жилийн туршилт, хөдөлмөр, сэтгэлийн үр шимээ шавхан урласан, дахин давтагдашгүй морин хуурууд.


Манай байгууллага өөрсдийн урласан морин хууранд үргэлж анхаарал тавин, засвар үйлчилгээг өндөр түвшинд гүйцэтгэнэ. 


Олон жилийн судалгаа, их туршилт, мэдлэгийн үр дүнд бүтээгдсэн, мэргэжлийн морин хууруудын зургаас. 

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The Pegasus Morin Khuur factory has been crafting the horsehead fiddle, the Mongolian national instrument, since 1994. 

Our musical instruments are widely used by professional ensembles, Mongolian and foreign musicians, students, and music enthusiasts. 

During our twenty-four years of fiddle making, we have participated in numerous world-class competitions and festivals and won gold, silver, and bronze medals for our sound and design. 

Customer review

“It has been twenty years since I have met the craftsman Bayarsaikhan. His brothers B. Shinebayar and B. Bayarsuren are also family artists. Bayarsaikhan has been involved in the development of the morin huur for many years and has played an important role in its development and design, and in raising the technical skills of the fiddlers.” D. SHINETSOG-GENI, the horse fiddler of the band Domog



Horsehead fiddler of the band Domog

“I have always dreamed of playing like the talented brothers and sisters I once saw playing a beautiful fiddle. I am happy that my dream has come true and I now have a beautiful fiddle. It arrived quickly and in a well-packed box from Mongolia to the United States. Thank you.”


“I liked Bayarsaikhan's fiddle the first time I encountered it three years ago. It's a really well designed instrument. Thank you very much, brother Bayarsaikhan. I wish him every success in his future endeavors and the continued creation of his unique contributions to the world. ”